“I hired Shoebox PR to promote my December 2015 solo show at LA Artcore. They surpassed my expectations.

I wanted media write-ups, and they delivered: The Creators Project on Vice.com, AEQAI, Diversions LA, WeChooseArt.com, and NELA Art News. On top of that, they got me tremendous online buzz. I could not have been happier.

But then, there were unexpected bonuses such as people coming to my studio to document my process, help arranging a photographer for my show, and on and on and on. I was in the middle of putting together an interactive installation – to have someone else there beside me taking care of publicity details was such a gift. And to have someone who I trusted, and who gave more than promised, well, it was like winning the lottery.
Shoebox PR’s director, Kristine Schomaker, is a warm, vivacious person who gives her all to the art community and her artists. She keeps her finger on the pulse of the L.A. art scene by staying right in the middle of it. (In her fabulous brightly colored wigs she’s easy to spot at openings everywhere across town.)

To be able to harness that commitment and drive towards promoting my show was a thing of beauty. I can’t thank Kristine, and the rest of the team at Shoebox, enough for all they did to help make my show a success.

I wholeheartedly recommend Shoebox PR.”

~Dani Dodge, installation artist


“It was a bit more than six months ago. I felt that I had a body of artwork and didn’t know how to go about showing it. At that time the Los Angeles Art Association was holding a seminar called “Today’s Artist”. I went to the seminar where one of the panelists, Kristine Schomaker, of Shoebox PR, was to speak. What she said really made sense to me. I felt that this was the step that I needed to take. And I’m happy I did. She was able to guide me through the parts of this career building process that had been extremely difficult for me. Everything from rebuilding my website to make it pop, to correctly presenting my work in the submission process to showing me how to successfully navigate through the art community. I went from four shows a year to four shows a month! And Kristine was spot on with educating me as to those shows and galleries that are right, important and helpful for my career.
Kristine is an artist. Kristine gets my work. This is so important in that the relationship between an artist and her publicity team has to be able to further the goals of both parties for mutual benefit.
Kristine is a warm, kindhearted, smart woman and I appreciate the friendship that has grown out of our business relationship. And I am increasingly appreciative of the business that is growing out of my Shoebox PR relationship! Thank You Kristine Schomaker!”
~Chenhung Chen, Artist


“Kristine and Shoebox PR were an answer to prayer for my PR needs as I was preparing for my first solo show this year. I had first gotten to know Kristine through a critique group we were both a part of, and I had a lot of respect for her as both an artist and a person. I knew her to be a go-getter, a person of integrity, a hard worker, a leader, a constant learner, and to top that all off, very personable. So when I heard that she was starting Shoebox PR, I was eager to sign on (in fact, I was her second client). I am so glad that I did – I could not have had the successful PR that I had without her. She put me out there, she was affordable, extremely encouraging and supportive, great to work with, and what she did for me allowed me to focus on producing my art.Please feel free to contact me if you’d like to know more about my personal experience working with Shoebox PR.”
~Margaret Ouchida, Artist


“Kristine at Shoebox PR was instrumental in motivating me to focus on the promotional aspects of being an artist. Through her helpful contacts, distribution of press releases, and networking abilities, Kristine was a great source of support while I prepared for my solo show. She is trustworthy, fast and dedicated to helping creative people put their best foot forward.”
~Christine Weir, Artist


“Kristine doesn’t just care about art. She is passionate about it. And what is even more important in my book, she cares passionately about artists. I first met Kristine when she moved into the Brewery a few years ago. Her personal exploration of body image in society impressed me and I consequently invited her to present at Artist21, a series I was co-hosting at the time. The presentation she gave was to this day of the best we had. Combining virtual and real life, she expressed herself authentically and with radical courage – something rare in our world. Her courage again impressed me when the Brewery Artwalk Association was looking for a new president. Not an easy role. Out of around six hundred artists at the Brewery, many of whom prefer complaining about things online to actually doing something about issues, she had the courage to step up and be a leader by becoming the new Artwalk president. As such, she has done great things for the Brewery artist community already – all the while helping other artists promote themselves. It is the sign of a great leader to turn learning into teaching. Kristine is definitely a leader in the arts and I look forward to seeing the many things she will do for the art world in LA and beyond.”
~Philip Horvath – catalyst


“Shoebox PR opened some new doors for me, both with new contacts I’d been trying to reach, and beautifully timed press in a well-read journal. Although I only worked with her for a short time, I’m still building on the footholds she initiated.” 
~Dave Lovejoy, Artist


“I am a relatively new client with Shoebox PR and amazed at how much has been accomplished in a very short period of time.  With Shoebox PR support, social networking is more manageable and, as a result, I consistently add followers and supporters each day from the art community as more individuals become familiar with my work. Kristine Schomaker is chock full of tips and suggestions and maintains solid contact with art critics and service providers such as photographers, writers, publishers or resource lists in service to her clients.  Ms. Schomaker is articulate and writes well.  She attends a multitude of exhibits and shows to stay on top of the fast paced art movement in Los Angeles. Shoebox PR quickly responds to questions with useful suggestions and even makes studio visits to snap pictures which is then promoted on the social media circuit. I look forward to an enhanced working relationship with Shoebox PR as I prepare for my upcoming solo show and I expect that resulting exposure will be vastly superior to what I could have accomplished on my own. In short Kristine Schomaker is a marvel.”
~Susan Melly, Artist


“Kris and I have known each other since grad school. Over the years, we’ve kept in touch via a critique group that Kris initiated and organizes…of course! If given just one word to describe Kris, I would have to choose, “active”. She has more hustle than anyone I know! She is active in her art practice, in a variety of critique groups, and serves on various boards within the art community. In regard to her PR services, the same is true. She is dedicated, offers a comprehensive menu of services, and has many creative ideas to suit your individual needs. Kris promoted my series of truck installations this fall and it was with her help that allowed me to focus on the work.Through Shoebox PR, my work became more visible which I feel ultimately led to subsequent opportunities. I look forward to working with Kris again in the future.”
~Terry Arena, Artist


“Creating original work and a signature style is just the beginning of the journey for today’s emerging artists. Getting that work out into the public eye requires time, determination and a different set of skills that many do not possess. Fellow LAAA artist and Shoebox PR owner Kristine Schomaker’s thoughtful and persistent efforts have secured significant exposure for my photography over the past year. I highly recommend her services to any artist interested in taking their career to the next level.”
~Osceola Refetoff, Artist


“In 2014 I hired Shoebox PR to promote my solo show at the Los Angeles Center for Digital Arts.  The review of the show by Shana Nys Dambrot was published in the Huffington Post and was then picked up by many other local and international press entities, including Artdaily.com.  Kristine Schomaker’s unflagging energy and enthusiasm, and an impressive list of contacts in the art world, helped bring attention to my exhibit, and directly resulted in wider media exposure for my show.  I think anyone who wants greater attention for their work would be well served by having Shoebox PR by their side.”
~Jane Szabo, Artist


“I have known Kristine Schomaker for about ten years. During that time I have grown to love her and appreciate her many talents. As a fellow artist, I have participated in several professional artists’ groups which were lead and established by Kristine. Those experiences were very beneficial and often lead to successful group shows. Kristine is trained as a studio artist and an art historian, a combination that reflects her creative, and analytical abilities, as well as her passion for art and understanding of artists and the creative process. Her warm personality makes her a great communicator and a community builder. She is hardworking, dedicated and electronic media savvy. She is an excellent problem solver and an optimist, who thinks outside the box, and sees opportunity when no one else does. I trust her to find new ways to approach and maneuver the ever-changing art world. With her creativity, social skills, articulate communication and research skills, and her technical abilities to navigate the internet and different venues of social media, Kristine is able to significantly increase exposure for artists, create convincing electronic presence and form connections that are essential for building successful and long lasting artistic careers.”  
~Nurit Avesar, Artist


Kristine Schomaker in 2015 helped the organization I work for raise over $4,000. Kristine is helpful and very knowledgeable when it comes to connecting people with the spirit of art. Mrs Schomaker donated her time and curated one of the most beautiful art walls for our 2015 end of the year art benefit show. Kristine also brought together a good sampling of the Los Angeles art community to our space here in Culver City. I am extremely grateful for her great eye of community, of artistic voice and her spirit of collaboration.

~Veronica DeJesus, Washington Reid Gallery, Culver City