Kendra Larson and Richard Speer in Conversation April 24th

The worlds I create in my paintings often focus on making visible the fleeting qualities which add to our understanding of Place. ~Kendra Larson

Ghost Stories and Fireflies
48 x 36_acrylic on panel_2020 $2000

As the descendent of loggers, the wild west myth has shaped my identity. The art I create aims to explore this and phenomena that makes the West Coast special; here the veil between the spiritual and physical world is thin. Over the last decade my work has touched on themes of Astronomy, Magical Realism, Feminism, and Phenomenology in Oregon. I consistently explore new imagery, painting mediums, substrates, and color palettes. I enjoy learning about new media and taking on the challenge of expanding my paintings to a 3D space. My installation, “Patchwork Galaxy”, was a collaboration with Astronomist Todd Duncan that aimed to spark a conversation about everyday wonder and the Sublime. Recently, as a response to the wildfires, I have started a daily practice of creating oil pastel drawings of smoke. This is also a ritual/ mediation on the monotony of life during the pandemic. Last year I continued my community involvement with my art podcast, Art Gab. My sister and I interview local artists and help promote the community, but also discuss process and passion of artists working during a pandemic and in response to social unrest.

Ultimately, my work reignites childhood wonderment, sheds light on the sublime, and calls on the viewer to protect natural spaces.

Momentary Reprieve_40 x 60_acrylic on canvas_2019_$2000
Green Fireworks_48x36_ acrylic on canvas_ 2019_$2000
Santiam Pass_24 x 36_acrylic on canvas_2021_$2000
Scorched Trees_36x24_acrylic on panel_2015_$1800
Wildfire_24 x 36_acrylic on canvas_2021_$2000
Summer Miles_36x24_acrylic on panel_2015_$1800
The Abyss_36 x 48_acrylic on canvas_2019_$2000
Rapture_36x24_acrylic on canvas_2020_$2000
Twilight_24 x 36_acrylic on canvas_2020_$2000
Escape_14 x 11_acrylic on canvas_2016_$400
The Springs_24 x 36_acrylic on canvas_2021_$2000
The Owl Moth_24 x 36_acrylic on canvas_2020_$2000
Witch Moth_24 x 36_acrylic on canvas_2020_$2000
Kendra Larson, Otherworldly Light
Intro by Richard Speer
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Kendra Larson is an artist based in Portland, OR with a primary focus on the ephemerality of Pacific NW landscapes. Her paintings and drawings explore historical ideas of the Landscape, Romanticism, environmentalism, and wonder evoked by the natural world. Her current body of work focuses on making visible the fleeting qualities that add to our understanding of Place; the role smoke, fire, clouds, snow, movement, sound, and fireworks play in nature. Originally from Salem, OR, she received her BFA from the Pacific NW College of Art and an MFA in Painting from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. She has shown her work in venues in the United States and New Zealand. Larson is a past Signal Fire, Caldera, Sitka, and New Pacific Studios (Masterton, New Zealand) artist in resident. She is represented by Augen Gallery in Portland, OR and teaches at Portland State University and PNCA. Recently she was awarded both a Regional Arts and Culture Council (RACC) Project Grant and Oregon Arts Commission Career Opportunity Grant. When not painting she can be found hosting an art podcast with her sister called Art Gab ( She also enjoys hiking around Mt Tabor with her son, husband, and studio dog.