Curated by Kristine Schomaker

“Perceive You” asks important questions about our curated public personas and how/if that impacts who we are. In an age where we curate our public persona with our profile pictures, selected social media content, and even how we dress in public, how do we really define ourselves- to ourselves? How does the public persona impact our identity? Is it a disguise, a constructed brand, or are we taking ownership of our identity? Perceive You turns the mirror on the participating artists asking them to portray how they see themselves.

Participating artists include Anda Marcu, Annick Duvivierm, B. Alston, Beatrice Antonie Martino, Betzi Stein, Brenda Oelbaum, Bryn Williams, Courtney Blackstock, Daggi Wallace, Emily Bertucci, Erica Entrop, Huan LaPlante, Jean-Paul Aboudib, Jen Sanders, Jenette Wilson, Jennifer Wolfe-Hagstrom, Jo Ann Block, Jorge E. Martinez, Kate Kelton, Kathryn Geismar, Kathryn Pitt, Kelly Ciurej, Kris Moore, Leonard Greco, Lucy Luckovich, Mary Allan, Merrilyn Duzy, Michael Potts, Michael Angelo Gagliardi, Michele Benzamin-Miki, Monica R. Marks, Nami Oshiro, Nancy Nicholson, Preeti Schaden, Riea Owens, Robert Gilsdorf III, Robin Assner-Alvey, Rolf Young, Ruby Vartan, Sarah Jordan, Scout Purdy, Susan Amorde, Susan Kaufer Carey, Suzann Kundi, Suzanne Shifflett, Ted Rigoni, Tom Miller, Tristan Mark, Tyler Alpern, Valentina Aprida Maurer, Vincent Benavidez, and Zara Feeney.

Artist Talk June 5, 2022
Jean-Paul Aboudib
Chaos In Captivity,2013
charcoal on paper
58 x 48 Inches

Mary Allan
Self-portrait as Angst,2021
charcoal on toned paper
20 x 18 Inches

Tyler Alpern
I am a purple flower, 2022
8 x 12 inches

B. Alston
Sit Next To Me,2021
12 x 18 x 4 Inches

Susan Amorde
Happy Artist,2022
Watercolor and gouache on paper
18 Inches x 0 Inches

Valentina Aproda Maurer
Deconstructed Self (13),2022
Inkjet Print
50 x 40 Inches

Vincent Benavidez
7 x 5 Inches
Vincent Benavidez
self reflections tying a tie,2019

Jo Ann Block
Queer B4 Queer: Mr. Block,2018
paper collage on plywood, acrylic
90 x 30 Inches

Kelly Ciurej
Soft Serve,2017
archival inkjet print
16 x 12 Inches

Annick Duvivier
Nicu Journey,2021
Acrylic on canvas and frame with daily ID stickers
23 x 19 Inches

Merrilyn Duzy
I Can’t Believe It,2021
pastel on paper
27 x 20 Inches

Erica Entrop
Self portrait II,2020
36 x 48 Inches

Michael Angelo Gagliardi
Portrait Of The Artist Screaming Into The Endless Void…,2018
Oil Stick and acrylic on shaped canvas
64 x 40 Inches x 3 Inches

Robert Gilsdorf III
The Components,2020
Oil on canvas
42 x 50 Inches

Leonard Greco
Self Portrait of the Artist as a Paper Doll,2016
watercolor, graphite on paper
40 x 25 Inches

Kate Kelton
1 one,2022
11 x 16 Inches

Huan LaPlante
Watercolor on rag paper
40 x 30 Inches

Lucy Luckovich
Oil paint on canvas
24 x 30 Inches

Monica R Marks
I may be many things, but mature isn’t one of them.,2022
Paper, marker, acetate, plexiglass, glass, plastic letters
21.5 x 16.5 Inches

Beatrice Antonie Martino
Self Portrait,2020
Digital Collage
18 x 28 Inches

Beatrice Antonie Martino
Beatrice Antonie Martino
When Words Fail,2021

Brenda Oelbaum
Falling Out All Over,2010
Photo of Installation/Performance
55 x 73 Inches x 55 Inches

Nami Oshiro
Philistine Tears,2022
Ink on paper
6 x 8 Inches

Riea Owens
Advice to The Younger Me,2022
Acrylic on canvas
24 x 18 inches

Kathryn Pitt
The Awkwardness of Self,2022
watercolor on watercolor paper
60 x 30 Inches

Scout Purdy
Oh, Wow!,2022
acrylic, caulk, and silver leafing on canvas
28.25 x 40.25 Inches

Ted Rigoni
Ordered Chaos; My Life and Me,2022
Pigment on archival paper; unframed size listed
19 x 16 Inches

Jen Sanders
Oil on Canvas
48 x 60 Inches

Suzanne Shifflett
Identity Project,2021
oil on panel
24 x 24 Inches

Betzi Stein
Life Size Me,2018
Acrylic on Canvas
60 x 36 Inches x

Ruby Vartan
Body #2,2022
Sanguine and oil on canvas, sewn parts (with canvas)
38 x 32 Inches

Daggi Wallace
The Power You Wield,2022
pan pastel, charcoal, acrylic ink on claybord
12 x 9 Inches

Bryn Williams
Me on the Couch,2020
25 x 37 Inches

Jennifer Wolfe-Hagstrom
Pandemic Mother 3 (of 3),2022
Paint, ink, glitter, and gel medium on canvas.
20 x 16 Inches .

Rolf Young