Francisco Alvarado and Robert Soffian, Artist in Residence, 2018

Shoebox Projects was an alternative Art Space that opened in November of 2016 as a platform for Artists to use the physical space to experiment and create new work through residencies. Over the last few years we have also held group shows, performances, artist talks and online exhibitions. We officially went on hiatus in November 2019 but with the pandemic, we decided to bring Shoebox Projects back as an online gallery as a way to further support our artists.

Kristine Schomaker, Director

Shoebox Projects welcomes all to our table. We feel diversity leads to an authentic worldview, inclusion fuels innovation, and transparency helps create an accepting, more equitable work/create/live space. We intentionally and continually evaluate ourselves; encourage open discussion and understanding; and practice skills/experience-based hiring with the understanding education is not accessible to all. We are a work in progress.