So many of our life, and…well…death, experiences cause us to pivot. We all dodge, duck, shift gears and evolve, each in our own way. The existential crisis of the last few years brings so much into focus, even while leaving so many things fuzzy. I have always known that I make art in order to make it to the next day. I have to have projects, too many projects in fact. I need them to extend beyond the time frame that I am able to see or feel. That is what will get me to tomorrow. Conveniently, these last couple of years made it possible to tune in more tightly to what I am trying to do. It also made it necessary that I use the materials that had been collecting for decades. Supply chain limitations made that an imperative. Finally! I had no choice but to open up bins of scrap metal and antique metal mesh. What is all that crap and those odd bits sitting on shelves and lurking in the corners? Let’s tear apart some antique of my parents’ that no one wanted. Ideas, that had been mere frameworks, loomed all around my studio. Now was the time to fully realize them. A running list of new ideas was scrolling out for miles. There is nothing more enjoyable, for me, than to be alone in my studio, working on…anything. I had nothing but time, nowhere to be, no one to see. The title for this exhibition, ALLEGORY, is intended in the classic use of the word. There are hidden meanings in each of the works. ALLEGORY is the coalescence of existential angst, forgotten ideas, forgotten materials, hidden messages and a solid affirmation of who I am as an artist.

Artist Talk November 19th

Dreams Escape Dreamscape • Remove Before Flight
Year: 2022 (Nest with eggs created earlier and reworked for this)
Dimensions: 20 inches T x 26 inches W x 7 inches D (Standard/Queen Pillow size)
Mixed Media: Knitted Steel Wire Filtration Mesh, Staples, Steel Wire, Plastic Eggs, Remove Before Flight Straps (Aviation Surplus), Vintage Bird Image Playing Cards inside the Eggs, Acrylic

Year Completed: 2022
Dimensions: 38 inches T x 58 inches W x 54 inches D
Mixed Media: Oak Branches, Antique Walking Cane, Tinkertoy Wheel/Gear/Hub, Steel Wire, Acrylic, with Disco Ball Motor

Infant Chastity Belt Playground Safety Equipment Swing (Model #0121) 
Year: 2021
7 inches T x 8 inches W x 5.5 inches D (Chastity Belt), plus 2.5” x 2.5” (Triangle Connectors), and 126” x .5” (Chain • Chain can be lengthened or shortened to height of space)
Mixed Media: Scrap Metal, Vintage Locks, Vintage Steel Roses, Sterling Silver Bells, Picture Hanger (Crotch Teeth), Suede Lined, Acrylic Paint on Muslin Nappy, Steel Chain, with Swing Motor

Oskar Visits The Congo
Year: 2022
Dimensions: 18 inches T x 8 inches W x 8 inches D
Mixed Media Mashup: Das Triadische Ballett (The Triadic Ballet/Oskar Schlemmer) meets Nkisi/Nkondi Congo Nail Fetish: Antique Factory Molds, Forged Nails, Antique Metal Scrubber, Antique Plant Stand Parts, Wood, Acrylic

“The Little Princess” (With a wink and a nod to Saint Lucy)
Year: 2022
Dimensions: 72” T (plus Banjo Strings) x 24 inches W x 16 inches D
Mixed Media • Sonic Interactive • Musical Instrument  
Shirley Temple 16mm TV spot “The Little Princess” (as ribbon), Crocheted Steel Wire, Antique Metal Sequins, Metal Beads, Antique Millinery (Tattered) Tricotene Mesh, Antique Bullion Stars and Cord, Knitted Steel Filtration Mesh, Antique Doll Eyes, Banjo Strings & Tuners on Scrap Metal Housing (as resonator), Bells, Acrylic Paint on soft infant mannequin
Banjo Strings Curled extend 10 above “head”
On Pedestal 10 inches T x 30 inches W x 18 inches D

Year Completed: 2022 (begun earlier)
Dimensions: 85 inches T x 32 inches W (wingspan) x 47 inches D
Mixed Media: Sonic piece. WWI Gas Mask, Scrap Metal, Woven Steel Mesh, Plaster Wrap, Cheese Cloth, Vintage Rope Ladder Rungs, Antique Metallic Cord, Knitted Steel Filtration Mesh, Conduit, Sheepskins, Mini Amplifier and Circuit Bent Toy (by in Belly of Beast and Acrylic on rolling platform

Dreams Escape Dreamscape • Disoriented
Year: 2022
Dimensions: 20 inches T x 26 inches W x 7 inches D (Standard/Queen Pillow size)
Mixed Media: Knitted Steel Wire Filtration Mesh, Staples, Digital Photography, Photo Collage, In Acrylic Block Photo Frames

Dreams Escape Dreamscape • Soft Compression 
Year: 2022
Dimensions: 20 inches T x 26 inches W x 7 inches D (Standard/Queen Pillow size)
Mixed Media: Knitted Steel Wire Filtration Mesh, Staples, Digital Photography, Photo Collage, In Acrylic Block Photo Frames

Woolly Booly
Year: 2022
Dimensions: 29 inches T x 20.5 inches W x 20 inches D • On stand 20 inches x 20 inches x 20 inches
Mixed Media • Multi Media: Vintage Surveillance Monitor with 4 Screens, Videos looping on each screen, Monitor is set in vintage rack with original carpeting wrap, Crocheted Sheep’s wool with fluffy balls in the yarn, Wool Dryer Balls, Knitted Steel Wire Filtration Mesh, 4 DVDs and DVD Players with Remote Controls

Kira Vollman is a longtime contributor and collaborator in both the Los Angeles art world and the experimental music scene. Vollman is a multi-disciplinary artist who uses process and unusual materials in works that are experiential and experimental. She combines painting, photography, sculpture, sound, and repurposed scrap and surplus materials to create poetic landscapes and soundscapes. At times she brings all of these elements together in one piece. Vollman’s works are a means of escape, for her and the viewer or audience. Drawing upon her background as a composer and musician, she often incorporates sound or interactive sonic elements into her installations and sculptures. As half of the Art Rock band “Non Credo” Vollman and music partner Joseph Berardi have performed at festivals in Europe, Canada and the United States. Non Credo is still actively performing and recording. In 2022 Vollman released her first solo album OutZeit The Geist. Released as a Limited Edition art piece, the package is a custom designed, oversized folder with a CD and 28 page illustrated booklet of lyrics.