Perceive You 2
online exhibition

Curated by Kristine Schomaker

Artist Talk October 1, 3pm PST

Opens October 1, 2023
on view to November 4, 2023

“Perceive You 2” is an online exhibition of figurative self-portraits exploring the ideas of identity, vulnerability, empowerment and perception. Inspired by Kristine Schomaker’s project “Perceive Me” which focuses on self-worth, validation and the idea that we value our identity based on how we imagine others perceive us, this new exhibition turns the mirror on you in order to truly look at yourself through your own eyes. What do you see? What is your story? Who are you? Where does your perception of yourself come from? How do you view yourself versus how do you think others see you?

We are living in an age where we curate our public persona. Whether through our profile pictures, what we post on social media and how we dress in public. How does that impact who we really are? Is it a disguise or are we taking ownership of our identity?

“Perceive You” is a platform for empowerment, for owning who you are, for being unique and authentic, for taking back your bodies in the #metoo movement, for being true, powerful and strong no matter what body shape, size, color, gender, disability you are/have. “Perceive You” is for everyone.

Featured Artists:
Gary Aagaard, Michele Benzamin-Miki, April Bermudez, Holly Boruck, Heidi Brueckner, Phyllis Chumley Martinez, Morgan DeLuna, Patricia Fortlage, Laura Green, Lynn Heinz, Karen Hochman Brown, Aazam Irilian, Michael James, Zara Kand, Loren Kane, Lamia Khorshid, Freyda Miller, Jon Moore, Julie O’sullivan, Caron G Rand, Jeremie Riggleman, Kimberly Santore, Mahara Sinclaire, Alec Stoddard, Nicole Toland, Chris Vena, Silvia Wagensberg, Mara Zaslove

Jon Moore
Self Portrait Light Dances, Digital Photograph
Self Portrait Through Form, Digital Photograph
Self Portrait He Burdened his Soul, Digital Photograph

Michele Benzamin-Miki
Patience, Graphite pencil on board
Outbox, Pencil on Paper

Freyda Miller
When I was 36, Photography

Karen Hochman Brown
Seeking a Matrix of Solutions, Photography
Shrouded, Photography
The Treachery of Technology, Photography
Zoftig, Photography

April Bermudez
Will This Keep Me Safe, Digital Photograph

Kimberly Santore
A Women’s Place is Where (1-4), Photography Archival Inkjet Matte Print

Patricia Fortlage
Slipping Mask, Archival Pigment Print
The Breath, Archival Pigment Print
Resilience, Archival Pigment Print

Alec Stoddard
Twos Triptych (1-3), Photography
Eye of the Holder, Photography

Holly Boruck
Queen Crone Study (2-4), Gouache on Paper

Caron G Rand
My Sacred Self, Graphite & Acrylic Spray

Mahara Sinclaire
Beggar Prince, Acrylic on Unstretched Canvas
At a Loss, Graphite on Watercolor paper
Princess, Acrylic, unstretched

Lynn Heinz
Mirror Image, Oil on Mirror

Nicole Toland
Profile Picture, Oil on (gesso) Mirror

Chris Vena
Let the Water Hold Me Down, Oil on Canvas
Quarantine Self Portrait III, Oil on canvas
Or Else It Does Not Care, Oil on Canvas

Mara Zaslove
Self Reflection, Archival Pigment Print/Photography
Skirting the Wall, Archival Pigment Print/Photography

Morgan DeLuna
Phenotype, Dibond Mounted Metallic C-Print under Acrylic Glass

Zara Kand
Sitting with my Shadow, Oil on Canvas

Lamia Khorshid
Educated, Archival Inkjet Print
Woman As Spirit, Archival Inkject Print

Jeremie Riggleman
Unclothed at Church, Gelatin Silver Print

Michael James
Shelter in Place, Acrylic on Canvas
The Artist, Acrylic on Canvas
My American Dream, Acrylic on Canvas

Gary Aagaard
Alien Art: Death of a Dinosaur, Oil on Canvas

Aazam Irilian
Contemplation, Mixed Media

Laura Green
Self Portrait, Acrylic

Heidi Brueckner
Domestic Violence (Self Portrait), Oil on Acrylic on Paper

Phyllis Chumley Martinez
Me in the Woods, Gouache on Paper

Loren Kane
LOST, Oil on Canvas
Undone, Oil on Canvas with thread

Julie O’Sullivan
Bright Idea, Photography
Bondage of Self, Photography

Silvia Wagensberg
Nunc Aeternum, Acrylic on Vinyl