Still photo from video by Beatrice Antonie Martino, “Restless”

Video Art Today
Curated by Kristine Schomaker

From the beginning of the pandemic the art world has been working to create new opportunities for showing paintings, drawings, sculptures and photographs. While some video needs to be seen in person to be immersed in the experience, most video has been traditionally seen on our computer screens, tablets or phones, while sitting in the privacy of our homes. Sheltering in place offers an advantage for video artists to have their work seen on a greater scale. The exhibition was created through crowd-sourcing on Facebook as well as a call out to video artists.

The work in the exhibition covers a wide range of time and subject matter. Some of the work was created during the pandemic while other videos were created over the last few years. The videos are poetic and deep; powerful and uplifting; inventive and experimental; monumental and strong; narrative and abstract.

Take your time watching the videos. Come back to the exhibition over and over again and enjoy the ride.

Participating artists include: Adeola D-aiyeloja , Amy Kaps, Angela Izzo, Ashton Phillips, Beatrice Antonie Martino, Cintia Segovia, Eileen Cowin, Elizabeth Folk, Erica Entrop, Gazelle Samizay with Labkhand Olfatmanesh, Gina Cunningham, Ibuki Kuramochi, Jason Jenn, Jemima Brown, Joan Perlman, Jody Zellen, Karen Hochman Brown, Katherine Cooksey, Kaye Freeman, Kayla L. Cloonan, Kimberlee Koym, Kristine Augustyn, Kristine Schomaker, Laura London, Leslie Foster, Leslie Lanxinger, Linda Sue Price, Liz Miller Kovacs, Maria Bjorkdahl, Marne Lucas, Mary Addison Hackett, Mathilda LaZelle Moore, Michele Jaquis, Patricia Coates, Raghubir Kintisch, Raphaele Cohen-Bacry, Sofia Alexiou, Sungjae Lee, Toban Nichols, Victor Wilde

The Artist Talk/Reception is Saturday August 22, 3-5pm pst via zoom. Click here for more info.

Jason Jenn “home is a circular notion” 2:58

Angela Izzo “Inner Muse” 11:59

Beatrice Antonie Martino “Restless: 4:12

Liz Miller- Kovacs “Downer” 3:24

Laura London “Look at the Camera” 4:01

Amy Kaps “Experiments in Stripes: Interruption in Stripes” 8:06

Maria Bjorkdahl “Untitled, Stop motion animation” 12 seconds, 2020

Kimberlee Koym “Swing World” 19 seconds

Kimberlee Koym “Kimberlee at the Marina” 56 seconds

Patricia Coates “Lucy Palustris” 29:56

Patricia Coates “Landfill” 17:24

Mathilda LaZelle Moore “Transmission” 2:46

Kristine Schomaker “Losing Weight” 12:03

Kristine Schomaker “Bloom” 4:56

Adeola D-aiyeloja “Six Feet Apart-Six Feet Under” 13 seconds

Sungjae Lee “Her Real Secret 2018-2020” 2:56

Sungjae Lee “Her Real Secret: Divine Gate 1-3” 3:36

Leslie Lanxinger “Spider Finds Her Voice” 37 seconds

Kristine Augustyn “2020” 20 seconds

Kristine Augustyn “All that Glitters” 24 seconds

Ibuki Kuramochi “ιδέα – idea” 1:38

Ibuki Kuramochi “Peel” 2:40

Toban Nichols “Saturnine Tassajara” 8:32

Toban Nichols “Semaphore” 14:11

Gina Cunningham “Hell Money” 7:03

Jody Zellen “Photo News” 18:18

Katherine Cooksey “Hard to Beauty Breath” 3:49

Mary Addison Hackett Anonymous was a Vlog: Lost, August 13, 2018″ 2:37

Mary Addison Hackett “Anonymous was a Vlog: Blackout, July 25, 2018” 2:30

Mary Addison Hackett “Anonymous was a Vlog: Claude Lorrain, August 15, 2018” 4:06

Kaye Freeman “The Good Man” 3:12

Ashton Phillips “(im)Material Remains” 4:30

Raghubir Kintisch “The Koan” 5:43

Jemima Brown “A Week in August” 1:42

Raphaele Cohen-Bacry “Egg Duo” 44 seconds

Kayla L. Cloonan “Seek Track” 2:10

Erica Entrop in collaboration with Darwin Estacio Martinez “Whisper” 2:23

Sofia Alexiou “The Art of Losing” 7:31 mins

Eileen Cowin “Joke” 6:42

Karen Hochman Brown “Beach Patrol” 4:45

Elizabeth Folk “Endorheic Basin” 2:18

Michele Jaquis “How I Read to My Son” 1:00

Michele Jaquis “Paul’s Brain” 29:23

Leslie Foster “59.3” 00:59

Victor Wilde “LeggoYourLogo Discussion – Princess Frank” 11:04

Marne Lucas “HAUTE FLASH” 6:17

Cintia Segovia “Habla bien cabrón” 4:52

Joan Perlman “Break” 4:37

Gazelle Samizay “My shadow is a word writing itself across time” 6:05

Gazelle Samizay “Bepar (In collaboration with Labkhand Olfatmanesh)”

Linda Sue Price “Roaming line with Dots” :30