Debbie Korbel’s Strange Circus at Shoebox Projects

Debbie Korbel’s Strange Circus
a solo exhibition

Shoebox Projects
660 South Avenue 21 #3
LA Ca 90031

Opening Reception April 20, 3-6pm
On view April 20 to May 3 by Appointment


“Humor, love, beauty, vulnerability, heartbreak—just a few of the emotions that pulse through us on the daily. If I can get you to see or feel emotion from something I have created, then I have succeeded in making that human connection. We are no longer strangers, we are of like mind—if even just for a few moments.

When I get an idea for a sculpture it kind of ferments over a period of time. I start to think about the best way to get my concept across and I am “bothered’ by it, like a rock in my shoe, until I finally complete the sculpture. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy the process, but it is a combination of joy and struggle, like hiking up a steep hill. You sweat and struggle (at least I do) but ahh, what a lovely view once you get there.

I didn’t set out to create characters that belong in a “Strange Circus,” they just “came out” — kind of like imagining what your children will look like and then having them look completely different than you expected. Perhaps even a bit of surprise at what has sprung from your loins— Obviously, it’s in your DNA somewhere-some weird relative with strong genes.

The circus has come to town.”

About Debbie Korbel

Debbie Korbel is an artist whose creativity has been applied to various media including painting and sculpture as well as writing television scripts, short stories and hip-hop  song lyrics. Her sculptures have been exhibited in numerous galleries, collected internationally and appeared in television shows. In 2013, her work received awards in the Spring and Winter issues of Creative Quarterly Magazine.

Recent exhibitions in Los Angeles include Gallery 825 and TAG Gallery “LA Open,” where her sculpture The Kiss was awarded second place. Korbel is a native Californian and works out of her studio in Los Angeles.

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