Curious Compendium, from the Bite Art Collective

Curious Compendium is a collection of “books” created by the the Bite Art Collective.

Opening reception August 4, 3-6pm
Closing reception August 25, 3-6pm
on view by appointment

Shoebox Projects
660 South Avenue 21 #3
Los Angeles Ca 90031

Beginning with the idea of a book, each artist created a ‘base’ – expressing her idea of what a book might be. Some started with a more traditional notion of a book while others devised more conceptual suggestions. Whether traditional or non-traditional, you certainly can’t judge a book by its cover with this collection. Though some may have started with a conventional approach, that was simply a point of departure. Among this compendium are a cookbook with a recipe for disaster, a children’s book with its pages torn out and replaced with phases of the moon, a bible that is sealed shut with embroidery thread, and a pop up book with a gateway to a garden. Among the less traditional books, we have slabs of steel, planks of wood, canvases, an animal spine, an installation including a typewriter, and a collection of photographs expressing patterns and shadows. Moving from artist to artist the original base developed its own aesthetic character through its cumulative materiality and conceptual development, the artwork’s developing a sometimes contemplative attitude, sometimes humorous, sometimes polemical, sometimes sweet – sometimes savage.

The Bite Art Collective is a collaborative composed of a shifting group of artists who work in an “exquisite corpse” or round robin method. Beginning with a theme, each artist creates a “base” and the piece then moves from artist to artist, developing its own aesthetic character over time. Each finished piece contains artwork that is the culmination of a series of creative steps taken by the artists in the group over the course of several years. The collective includes a wide range of disciplines (fiber, glass, collage, painting, photography and sculpture) all of which is incorporated into each project. An exhibition is the final step and allows the work to be viewed both individually and as a group.

BITE is a collaborative group composed of numerous artists. Members from this project include: Young An, Stephanie Bartron, Janet Girard, Beatrice Gonzales, Susan Joseph, Stacy Kiel, Jonna Lee, Ann

Mitchell, Linda Parnell, Danielle Pangborn, Robin Parsons, Regina Rioux, Suzanne Rioux and Laurel Rhoads.


Young An: Patterns and Shadows

Stephanie Barton: The story of the hand delivered mysterious photograph and the unfriended friend.

Janet Girarc: Recipes for Odd Occasions

Beatrice Gonzales: Canvasing

Susan Joseph: Sing Down the Moon

Stacy Kiel: Skeletal Remains

Jonna Lee: Pop-Up Theory

Ann Mitchell: Vintage Album Journey

Linda Parnell: Slabs of steel – thoughts so weighty they are inscribed in steel.

Danielle Pangborn: Puzzled

Robin Parsons: Gift Boxes

Regina Rioux: Street Gang Scrapbook

Suzanne Rioux: Interconnected Spaces (Jewelry Box)

Laurel Rhoads: Planked and Wooden

Group at large: Redacted Bible

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