Chelsea Dean at Shoebox Projects

Please join us for the culmination of Chelsea Dean’s artist-in-residence at Shoebox Projects, “Remnants of Ambition”

Reception, August 5th, 3-6pm

“For the past four years, I have been combing the Mojave Desert, wandering in and out of abandoned homesteads, taking pictures and collecting artifacts. These relics have served as reminders that someone used to occupy these once-hopeful spaces. It is here that I find myself drawn to the multitude of textures, colors, and patterns that live within the detritus. I have carefully gathered planks of splintered wood with the paint peeling off, lugged rusted-out pieces of metal across the desert floor, and gathered too many broken pieces of mirrors, tiles and windows to count. These bits of history excite me, and have been accumulating in my studio waiting for life to be breathed back into them. For my residency at Shoebox Projects, I will be creating a series of sculptures or wall hangings using the found objects from my adventures in Wonder Valley. The final product will be an immersive installation that places my 3D pieces in situ with collages/works that I have already created from my recent body of work.”

// Artist Statement //

I am a Los Angeles-based artist whose work embodies systems that erode. I salvage history, suspending the architecture of Southern California in time with a process

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