About a Box – A ‘Shoebox’ Residency

“About a Box”
An artist-in-residence in a shoebox
at Shoebox Projects

Opening Reception August 12, 3-6pm
On view August 12 to August 26 by appointment

All shoeboxes are on sale for $500

Shoebox Projects
660 South Avenue 21 #3
Los Angeles Ca 90031

Shoebox Projects has always been a space to present alternative programming for artists. They recently opened “The Closet” in Shoebox Projects (run by The Shed Collective) as an alternative to alternative spaces to allow artists an outside-of-the-box (or inside) opportunity for creating new work in an unusual space. Creating an artist-in-residence program, Shoebox Projects offers artists space which has become an incubator for experimentation, inspiration and community.

The natural next step was to give artists an even more unique space to create work, experiment and transform their art practice. This space became the shoebox.

Please join us on August 12th to see the culmination of the residency and witness how each of the artists has transformed their shoebox.

Featuring: Debby Kline Larry Kline Nancy Larrew Diane Williams Susan J Osborn Nancy Kay Turner Emily Wiseman Dani Dodge Jennifer Gunlock Kayla Cloonan Chenhung Chen Debbie Korbel Elizabeth Tinglof Lorraine Heitzman Susan T. Kurland Frederika Beesemyer Roeder Karen Hochman Brown Cathy Immordino Steve Seleska Colin Roberts Pranay Reddy Randi Matushevitz Maya Kabat Katya Usvitsky Catherine Ruane Bibi Davidson Dwora Fried Linda Sue Price Ashley Hagen Vincent Tomczyk Don Porcella



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