Alice Marie Perreault | All The King’s Men

Alice Marie Perrault
Artist in Residence, Shoebox Projects

Reception Sunday September 16th 3-6pm
A.I.R. August 27th to September 16th

Shoebox Projects
660 South Avenue 21 #3
LA Ca 90031

All The King’s Men

‘All The Kings Men’ by CGU graduate, Alice Marie Perreault will open for one day at Shoebox Projects in L.A. on September 16, 2018

This mixed media installation references an English fairy tale that stems from the fall of powerful leaders. Jump forward in time and Lewis Caroll resurrects the main character in egg form in his story, Alice Through The Looking Glass.

In ‘All The Kings Men,’ Perreault reshapes the metaphor of Humpty and brings him home to a setting that is ‘no more, no less’ than what she claims it to be- a reaction to the neglect she experiences in society for people who are the most dependent. Considering the popular, albeit fictional, conversation between Alice and Humpty about mastery to change the meaning of any word, Perreault decided to change the original fairy tale- or at least, the ending.

Perreault combines her art materials with medical necessities from her intimate rituals of caretaking within a domestic, yet medically fragile setting to intersect art with science and civics. She uses fragility as a means to strength that stretches people’s limitations, most of which are self-imposed and influenced by outside agencies. Her narrative sits on the awareness of death as fodder for human adult behavior, be that behavior just or unjust in the wavering landscape of power and judgment.

In “All The King’s Men” purple studs of an open wall slice through a setting that is a bit absurd under the guise of structure. Wood, plastic, metal, glass paint, oil paint, resin, rubber and egg-shells reveal the care of one for another through an undying nature of love.

‘All The King’s Men’ can be seen at Shoebox Projects in the Brewery at 660 South Avenue 21 #3, Los Angeles on September 16, from 3:00- 6:00pm.

More of Perreault’s art can been seen on her website at

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