Katelyn Dorroh, Reception March 3, 3-6pm

Katelyn Dorroh
Reception March 3, 3-6pm


Please join us Sunday March 3rd 3-6pm for a reception for Katelyn Dorroh as she finishes her 6 week artist-in-residence at Shoebox Projects.

Shoebox Projects
660 South Avenue 21 #3
LA Ca 90031


In the summer of 2014, artist Katelyn Dorroh working with an agency, was assigned to clean the homes of the ultra wealthy in Orange County, California. These assignments resulted in Dorroh having access to some of the world’s most coveted and guarded residential spaces. The materials used in this show are sourced from these spaces. This is the 1% Brown series.

Dorroh’s 1% Brown series examines the artist’s position and function within the larger economic and social systems that contain the Art World, as well as art’s relationships to other mechanisms, including private land ownership, economic/cultural prospecting, and the privilege of accessibility and freedom of movement for some, but not all.

Artist Katelyn Dorroh is a (somewhat) thriving art collective dwelling in one body, but also not. They were born in Glendale, California. They graduated from Glendale Community College in 2011. Dorroh then transferred to UC Irvine, where they received their bachelors degree in 2014. Since then, the artist has continually made work in Los Angeles, and has collaborated with arts organizations such as KCHUNG and YBLA, and participated in a variety of art projects such as “Debating Through the Arts” and “KPARK”.

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